ISD197 Educational Foundation

About Us

Why We Support the Foundation

We are parents, teachers and community members united to invest in educational opportunities that promise the brightest possible future for Independent School District 197 students. We are committed to the belief that no bright child should be left unchallenged and no struggling child should go without extra help.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support academic opportunities for students in grades E -12 through supplemental funding. Our goal is to provide expanded educational opportunities for our communities’ children, opportunities that, quite frankly, are not possible without private support.

Donations to the Foundation allow educators to apply for grants to offer new or extended learning opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable. They will fund special programs that will enhance and stimulate learning and they will enable our proud past to become our bold future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to broaden the educational experience of students from Early Learning through grade 12 in District 197 in order to help them build successful lives in which they will continue to enrich our local and global communities.  We will promote continued excellence and inspire innovation by:   

•  Generating funds to support programs, projects, and equipment;
•  Providing resources so that children are ready to learn by kindergarten;
•  Bridging the gap between government resources and education needs;
•  Promoting a spirit of community involvement, enthusiasm, and support;
•  Creating an endowment fund to secure support future generations.

Our Relationship with the School District

The ISD 197 Education Foundation supports the efforts of the ISD 197 School District but is governed by an independent board and makes grants independently.