Grant Guidelines

Grants provided by the I.S.D. No. 197 Educational Foundation (the Foundation) are awarded for programs, program materials, and projects that provide stated opportunities to enhance the academic experience of students in Early Learning Programs through grade 12 in School District 197.


  • Teams or individuals employed by District 197 are eligible to apply.   Each employee may submit only one proposal; however, if an employee is part of a team for one proposal the employee is not prohibited from submitting another proposal as part of a different team or on her/his own
  • All funding applicants must submit the “Application for Funding from the I.S.D. No. 197 Educational Foundation” form in writing with the signature of the building principal or program administrator included.
  • Note that applicants should not assume approval of Foundation funding even when all requirements are met.  The Foundation has limited resources available and is unable to grant all requests.

Prioritizing Grants

  • The Foundation will consider projects designed to do one or more of the following (in no particular order) when deciding to award grants:
  • Projects that make a positive contribution to attaining higher student achievement.
  • Programs that motivate students and keep alive their eagerness to learn.
  • Projects that improve basic learning skills and/or assist underachieving students to reach their potential.
  • Programs that have the ability to be replicated/adapted on a district-wide basis.

Funding Restrictions

  • Grants will generally be made for one year only.
  • Grants awarded for a length of time longer than one year are subject to yearly review and may be adjusted or terminated based on the results of said review.
  • Funding cannot be used to supplant School District responsibilities.
  • Field trip proposals will be considered only if they are a vital component of a larger strategy.
  • Outside consultants and experts, as well as transportation, will be supported only if the expenditure is a necessary part of the overall objective of the project.

Requirements to Receive Funding from the Foundation

  • Projects or programs must state the educational benefit to be realized through the activity;
  • Projects must be realistic in terms of what is expected to be accomplished;
  • Each staff member or volunteer assisting with the project must be identified;
  • How children will be selected to participate in the project must be described;
  • One person in connection with the project who will coordinate and be accountable for communication and submissions to the Foundation regarding project expenditures and progress must be identified;
  • Project activities must be well defined, specific and directly related to project goals;
  • A schedule for program activities, including a completion date is required;
  • Plans for evaluating the project must be realistic and measurable and include on-going monitoring (no less frequently than quarterly) as well as completion evaluation;
  • Budget requests must be reasonable and sufficiently detailed.

Misuse of Funds

In the event that a misuse of funds is suspected, the Treasurer shall demand all financial records from the project liaison and shall notify the Board Officers of his/her findings.  If a misuse of funds is discovered, repayment of the funds will be demanded and the appropriate authorities will be contacted.